Bringing well-vetted
CRE opportunities in the northwest to investors

One Step Ahead


After years in the commercial real estate space, SterlingCRE Advisors founder Matt Mellott recognized that the northwest’s expanding economy demanded new offerings for CRE products.

During a period of rapid regional growth, Mellott noted an uptick in interest in equity management. Most often, this came from investors who wanted a stake in commercial assets but were strapped for time to juggle the day-to-day details.

Sterling Capital Investment Group, or “SterlingCIG,” filled this space in the market, allowing non-CRE-focused investors to reap the benefits of CRE ownership without the daily demands of managing the projects.

SterlingCIG is a commercial real estate investment and development services company that raises capital from limited partners to acquire, develop, operate, manage, improve, and sell buildings to generate returns for our investors.

SterlingCIG Leadership


Managing Partner

For more than a decade, Matt Mellott flew F/A-18s fighter jets for the United States Marine Corps. He brings that same intensity to commercial real estate, leading development projects and CRE transactions across the country.

After making a permanent home in Montana, Mellott saw a burgeoning market for capital investment across the northwest. He also saw that most commercial real estate opportunities were reserved for investors with abundant capital.


Development Coordinator

Kara Hogan brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role as Development Coordinator within SterlingCIG. Her background spans asset and property management, investor relations, and commercial development.

Formerly serving as a Commercial Real Estate Advisor and Transaction Coordinator with SterlingCIG, Kara excels in navigating the complexities of commercial real estate transactions. Her expertise and tireless work ethic make her an invaluable asset on every project she’s involved in.